Destiny in her prom dress

Destiny Danville
Destiny Danville

Full name

Destiny Star Danville




Sept. 14, 1996






  • Dessy
  • Tiny
  • Star
  • D
  • Little Mrs. Actress (by her mom and adopted siblings)


  • High school student
  • Upcoming Model/Actress


Sarah Hyland

Destiny Danville is the biological daughter of Jo Danville, and an unknown male. Destiny has two adopted siblings, Ellie and Tyler. She is a dedicated person, trying to be a model and actress. Her name comes from her 'destiny' to be a star. Her adopted siblings are Ellie and Tyler Danville. She is 16 years old, and she volunteers at the NYPD crime lab sometimes, whenever she is bored and her mom's going to work. Destiny is a popular student at her school.

Early Life


Destiny's school picture

Destiny was born on September 14, 1996. She is currently 16 years old. Destiny wanted to be actress ever since she was five. Her mom is supportive and encouraging about her dream. Destiny is her biological daughter, but Jo has adopted children, Tyler and Ellie. Destiny takes extraordinary care of them, while her mother is working.



Destiny on Ellen

Destiny is reliable, and star-material. She is a dedicated family member. Also, Destiny is very relaxed and endearing. If you make her mad, however, she gets extremely mad. Destiny is human, and she holds grudges. Also, she is flexible, and does yoga. Destiny is sometimes a diva and arrogant. She works hard and developes many artistic ideas. Destiny is a great artist, and has her paintings hanging around the house.




Jo is Destiny's biological mother. She is very supportive of Destiny's dreams, and is a bit sad that her real da ughter isn't going to be a CSI. Destiny is very silly with her mom, and her mom even responds back with silliness. They have their mother-daughter fights, but make up afterwards. Jo allows Destiny to date guys, and she has a boyfriend, Josh.


Ellie is Destiny's adopted sister. Destiny adores her and Tyler. Destiny usually takes care of her, which isn't a bother. They play many games, and are very affectionate towards each other. Destiny is also very subtle to Ellie's dream of meeting her real mom.


Tyler is Destiny's adopted brother. She also takes care of him and Ellie. Both play games, and Destiny frequently goes to the park with him. She doesn't see him a lot, however.



Destiny and Josh

Josh is Destiny's boyfriend. They have been dating for two months already. So far, they've been to the beach, movies, and restaurants. He is romantic, and he is also Destiny's first kiss.


  • She is from Virginia
  • Destiny was born in Virginia
  • Destiny is popular at school
  • She has the GPA of 4.5
  • Destiny wants to be an actress when she grows up
  • She loves Disney
  • Destiny is a good singer
  • Destiny is obsessed with shoes